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What is UniDosh?

UniDosh is a new and revolutionary mobile app created exclusively for students, to earn and save money.


Gives you the opportunity to earn an income at uni, by providing services for other local students. (Yep, uni will never be the same!)

If you have a skill or a service that you believe another student will find helpful, you can now earn money as and when it suits you.

From after-party cleaning, providing lifts, or tutoring other students. Whatever expertise or skills you have there’s a student out there willing to pay for it.

So, no more part-time jobs with in-flexible hours.

No more painful bosses wanting you to work the late-shift. You choose when you work at a price you decide.


Gives you the opportunity to find services that you need during your time at uni or college, carried out by trustworthy, hard working fellow students looking to make a little extra cash. (Result!)

So, next time you’re finding it hard to make that Monday morning lecture? Book a tutor. Or can’t be bothered to clean the house? Book a cleaner.

You choose the right student, for the right job, at the right price (a student-friendly price).

Spend less and do more of what makes you happy.

Where's it coming to?

We're not just bringing you one world. We're bringing you two. Have UniDosh on either Android or iOS.

A brief overview

What can I expect?

Book the service you require, when you need it, and have your choice from a list of students in your area. Be confident when selecting by using our rating/review system.

At no cost, add your service to the live database when you want, at a price you want. Then simply wait to be notified when another fellow student makes a purchase.

Only pay once the service has been completed and given the thumbs up by both students. The money is then sent straight to your account via a secure method.

A thorough ID check using university email addresses and student numbers ensure you are buying a service from a student and only a student.

And a heap load more

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